I wish my last name was Afremov!

I regret about one thing in my life – that my parents didn’t send me to an art school. I really envy people who can paint. Cause they don’t need to buy paintings to decorate their houses. I have lots of décor ideas but they are applicable only to the Christmas tree. However, it’s never too late to learn! As I don’t have much time between rehearsals and writing songs, I’ve searched the Internet and found excellent master-classes by Leonid Afremov. He is a wonderful modern painter from Israel who works mainly with oils and palette knife. His canvases are politically neutral and I’m glad that his art is no place to quarrels. Leonid depicts mostly flowers, nature, the sea, animals, famous personalities and couples in love. And I must confess I even purchased one of his landscapes.


The decision was quickly made after I read comments from other customers that bought paintings on the artist’s site. All of them were satisfied 101%! But still, as I’m a suspicious person, I was afraid that Afremov could be a bluffer. I breathed with relief when I finally got the painting I ordered! I was beyond myself with delight. I must tell you I’ve never seen such outstanding colors before! The same evening I invited my friends and showed them the picture. Mary’s jaw dropped open in amazement, she was speechless for about 15 seconds and finally said: ‘Where did you get it? I want the same one too’. At that moment I realized how lucky I was! The following day I visited Afremov’s online gallery again to get a better look at the site afremov.com . And here are my discoveries:

  • Anyone can watch Leonid painting in real time through a web camera installed in his studio.
  • You can buy a 1 hour long video lesson. So now I know what I want for my birthday!
  • There is a difference between an original work and a copy. Leonid tells us all about it in his video blog.
  • If you purchase a canvas as a present, click on the square and get a gift wrap. You can also write a greeting message for a friend and it will be added to the painting.
  • Don’t miss exclusive offers in the ‘Deal of the day’ section! A discount doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the canvas. It’s just that not everyone can afford to buy an expensive piece of art. However, Leonid gives you such an opportunity, cause you deserve it!






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